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When you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, it can be easy to rationalize to yourself that you will quit using drugs or alcohol if and when you want to and that you will be able to do so all on your own. However, while you may think that you are above the effects of addiction, the reality is that trying to overcome an addiction by yourself results in failure about 99 percent of the time. This is why it is so important to gain a strong understanding of what addiction entails as well as the options for addiction treatment in Naperville. By learning about addiction as well as drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you will be better able to help yourself break the vicious cycle of addiction and get help from one of the drug and alcohol treatment programs in the Naperville area.

What Is Addiction?

Before you can be convinced that it is in your best interest to seek out addiction treatment in Naperville, you likely need to have a more comprehensive understanding of what drug and alcohol addictions are. Alcohol and drug addictions are diseases. The fact that they are diseases is sometimes confusing to people as popular society would have you believe that an addiction is simply a character flaw that a person can overcome if they are mentally strong enough to do so.

However, the reality regarding drug and alcohol addictions are quite a bit different than the popular conceptions of them. Diseases are not just personality or character problems. They are serious health conditions that have a physical and biochemical basis as well as a mental and emotional component. While many people are familiar with the mental and emotional aspects of addiction, few are as fully aware of the physical and biochemical elements. Whether you are suffering from a drug dependency, or looking for alcohol treatment in Naperville, we can help guide you.

When a person abuses alcohol or drugs, the substances enter the bloodstream and make their way to the brain. This leads to chemical reactions that occur between the brain and the substance in question which are what actually cause the effects that these substances have on the body when they are consumed.

The brain is nothing if not smart and adaptable, though. As a person continues to abuse drugs or alcohol, the brain will begin to adapt to the regular presence of the drug in the body. This means that the functions in the brain and nervous system that are triggered by the drug will not occur until the drug is in the system, which creates a physical dependence on the substance.

How Does Addiction Treatment Work?

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment work by addressing both the mental and physical side of a person's drug or alcohol addiction. There are various methods that can be used to go about this process, though. Drug detox in Naperville, for example, is the process of breaking the physical addiction a person has to drugs or alcohol.

When it comes to detox, there are different methods that can be put to use in addiction treatment in Naperville. Many drug and alcohol treatment programs prefer to offer medical detox. Medical detox involves direct supervision by doctors so they can provide medical care and treatment if withdrawal symptoms become particularly painful or dangerous. Some centers for drug and alcohol addiction treatment also offer programs that involve the use of prescription addiction drugs to help make withdrawals more manageable and less dangerous.

Drug and alcohol treatment programs also address the mental and emotional sides of an addiction. Some of these programs for drug and alcohol addiction treatment are traditional, meaning that the therapies provided, both individual and group, have a standard cognitive-behavioral basis. On the other hand, holistic treatment programs aim to incorporate a wider variety to therapy and treatment options that address every area of a person's life. These therapies can include family, spiritual, equine, and art therapy, among others.

Why Should I Enter an Addiction Treatment Center?

Choosing to fight your addiction with the help of drug and alcohol treatment programs in a center for addiction treatment in Naperville is the most effective way to combat an addiction. The structured treatment environment will allow you to receive support, both physically and mentally. You will be surrounded by experts and peers that understand what you are going through and can guide you toward recovery.

There is also the hard data. Among people that suffer from addictions, the vast majority that tries to overcome addiction their own failure to succeed over the long haul. Some may see temporary, short-term results, but even that is a rarity. Relapse rates are lowest among those people that go through a residential or inpatient treatment program in an addiction treatment center as these programs provide recovering addicts with the coping skills, resources, and motivation for long-term recovery. Call Naperville Alcohol Treatment Centers for help (877) 804-1531.

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